Who I am

My name is Paolo Frattini, born in Venice, married and with two children: Benedetta e Pierpaolo. I am engaged in running programmes on Telemarket, the only European commercial TV nel selling arts and culutre twenty-four hours a day.

My experience in this field goes back to the end of the seventies, in Varese, where I owned ant antiques gallery.
I soon realized that the best ways to promote my business were not social events or vernissages, I needed a new approach to prospective buyers. Commercial networks were taking their first steps and in 1978 I started broadcasting live on a small local TV. 

At the beginning, it was just the description of a piece of furniture from my shop in a purely didactic way. I got the first phon calss back. After a while I bought the TV station and set it up in my premises. Business was good, I began to appear on national commercial nets and moved to Rome. Further to more successful experiences with different companies - the Swiss Canale Campione Uno, Telemontecarlo, Teleroma 56, Telenova- I met Mr.Peruzzo, the publisher, and opened Shopping Club with their consolidated Network Rete A.

It was a daily challenge, involving increasing skills and expertise, and it included working with directors like Cino Tortorella and Beppe Rechia, who have helped me refine my performing style. In 1989 I was invited to the show Fantastico with Enrico Montesano, on RAI 1.

Indeed presenting a TV sale programme is no easy job. I have never meant to be a mere barker, I have always wanted to be a professional arts expert able to make people appreciate their beaury and take them to a responsible choice. 

Mi goal is bringing works of art and objects -e-vertue to the general public so that they can be enjoyed not just in galleries and museums but in every day life.

I think my TV programmes have helped enlarge the number of connoisseurs and have made people aware af the value of artists'work, of the uniqueness of their skills.

Moreover, I enjoy the direct relationship with the audience, the fact that you enter their homes, make yourself known and are welcomed as a reliable friend. And good looks and pleasant manners are nor enough, they trust you because they have known you for a long time and rely on your fainess.

You need to protect your customers'rights trough a sincere and honest contact wich makes them explore the deep cultural and ethic values that each piece of art hides in itself

It does not matter if you are offering porcelain, antique watches or furniture, silver or jewellery; each piece require accurate research into histoical documents to assess its quality.

This is the only feasible way to protect your customer.


In This ever-changing world in wich Internet has acquired such an importantrole among people, I have wanted to set up a meeting point where those wo know me and all those who love beautiful things can meet mee and ask me their questions.

I will be glad to answer their queries  and interact with them, wich is not possible on television.  

This is the reason why this website has been opened.

Here I will always be at your disposal and I will give you the times of my weekly TV apparances so that the contact can go on trought the net.

If you enter my mailing list I will be glad to inform you about any novelty or offer you may be interested in.

Take advantage and enjoy.